Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shrugs and Loafers

Well my parents were here again this past weekend, so I haven't had much time to keep up the blog. However, I wanted to share one of my favorite work outfits from last week:

Dress: Fashion Dictionary Dress from Modcloth, Shrug: Target, Shoes: thrifted
It's been unseasonably cool here, which is partly a bummer but also an excuse to wear cute sweaters, like this orange shrug from Target. I'm a big fan of shrugs, even if they're not in style that much anymore. Like the bolero of yore, it's a way to keep warm without looking like Old Mother Hubbard.
Last week I also finally received the shoes I purchased for just $12.50 from The Lovelys vintage shop on Etsy:

I love these little Twiggy-style loafers! What a bargain! They're very comfortable, and seem to go with everything. I broke them in on Thursday, when my boyfriend, a friend and I went to the Andy Warhol Museum to see a show by noisy girl group rockers Vivian Girls. They rocked, of course, and a great band I hadn't heard of called The Beets opened. If you get a chance to see them I recommend it highly--like Half Japanese only less deranged. Anyway, here's what I wore:

Blouse: $5 at H & M, t-shirt: Up Six Vintage (St. Paul, MN), skirt: Avalon Exchange (Banana Republic)

I wore the shoes again yesterday for the first day of school, meaning I work slightly harded and have slightly different hours. It was freezeing yesterday, so I tried them with tights. Magic!

Sweater: Banana Republic, Skirt: $10 at the Limited many years ago, Tights: J. Crew sale for $3



  1. i love the andy warhol museum! one of my favorite things to do is to lay on the ground in the room with the big silver balloons.

    have you ever been to christo's restaurant for greek food? it's one of the best places i've ever eaten (my ex boyfriend is from pittsburgh so i used to visit a lot) i can't remember where it is, but if you've never been you definitely need to go!

    also i love your new shoes!


  2. Thanks Lauren! I love the cloud room, too. I feel like part of the factory in there. I've never been to Christo's, which is a shame since I've lived here for three years. I'll have to try it.

  3. the collar on that white blouse in the second photo is making me swoon!!! you have a great work wardrobe!

  4. I just love the peter pan collared blouse under the green sweater!

  5. Thanks gals! Let me tell you, I looove peter pan collars. Any shirt that has one, I want! I was so happy to find that one at H & M!