Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steel City Big Pour & the Magic of Etsy

This weekend, I attended Pittsburgh's annual Steel City Big Pour, an event at which Pittsburgh food vendors and area breweries gather under one roof for a festival of sorts, serving those of us willing to fork over $45 all the food and beer we can stand for three hours. Though we were all drunk and bloated by the end, it was great fun trying all the beers and small snacks, and generally supporting Pittsburgh businesses. There was even a cheesy dad-like rock band playing Band covers, an arts and crafts booth, and an outdoor biergarten area. Favorite beer: Southern Tier Black Ale. Favorite food: beef tongue nachos from Six Penn downtown.

I also got to wear a recent purchase from the awesome Talynvintage on Etsy: a 1960's schoolgirl-style dress with orange ascot.
Shoes from Etsy, tights from J. Crew

What better way to enjoy an evening of beer and food with my boyfriend and a group of awesome friends? Robert was clad in American Apparel as usual:


  1. That sounds like fun!

    I like the little flash of orange on your dress.

  2. God, sounds like a hoot. Your dress is just lovely, the collar is such an interesting shape. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the ascot! The festival sounded amazing....beer and food-my favorite! Thanks for the sweet comments about my banner!

  4. I adore this dress! it's so Japanese school girl.

  5. Adorable dress!