Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brooklyn Flea

Today I went to the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene. Though I didn't buy anything (there's lots of vintage stuff, artwork, etc. but it's all a little expensive), I did eat a delicious hot dog from Asia Dog - it was a hot dog with pork belly on top. SO GOOD. Then me, Matt, and our friends walked around the neighborhood a bit and ended up in Fort Greene Park, which was really lovely. Here's a pic from the park:

Today I decided to wear this dress I got on sale from Tulle. I like the dress a lot, but it reminded me how tall models are because on the Tulle website, the dress fell to about the model's mid thigh... whereas on me it goes to my knees. If only one of the girls from the cycle of ANTM were on the Tulle website, I could have seen how long the dress really would be on me! Oh well, I still like it.

I felt a little dressed up, but I liked the outfit and I love this little yellow shrug, which is from Forever 21. Here's the detail on the shrug (Blogger is driving me crazy and not letting me put the pics in the order I wanted them!) and after that the pics of the whole outfit. Happy Weekend everyone! - Jenna


  1. It is a really pretty dress! It sounds like you had a fun day!

  2. oh that cardigan is the cutest thing! i love it! yellow is the best! :D
    and I went to the Brooklyn Flea one year! I loved walking around, but I sort of found it pricey! :S

    You look darling! xo

  3. Thanks ladies! And yes, Meaghan, the Brooklyn Flea is totally overpriced... but the food they have is overall cheap and delicious, so worth the trip!

  4. Ooh... your cardigan is so beautiful! I love this outfit on you. Very nice!!


  5. Cute! I love Tulle...despite the tall models. I just ordered some sweaters from there!

  6. that. is. gorgeous. and looks really fantastic on you!

  7. Such an adorable dress and cardigan. I love it.