Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two weekends, three outfits

I haven't been wearing that many cute clothes lately, as the summer heat has been forcing me to change into my pajamas immediately upon my arrival home from work. I don't look too photogenic in my striped lady boxers from Target, but I did manage to put together a few cute outfits this past weekend and the weekend before. The weekend before last, I was slated to play a show (I'm a singer-songwriter) Morning Glory Coffeehouse in Pittsburgh. Well I got all dolled up and went down there with an army of friends, only to find that the other band's van broke down and the show was cancelled. This was actually a good thing, considering it was ungodly hot and the venue is sans AC. However, I did play a few songs in my friend's backyard on what turned out to be a lovely night. Now on to what I wore:

This isn't the clearest photo of my dress, but it's a cute flowered H & M day dress that I found recently at Avalon Exchange in Pittsburgh for quite cheap. I'm wearing it with the same oxfords from Deborah Jean Vintage on Etsy that I've featured before, and carrying my favorite leather purse from a market in Florence (also, my guitar).

This past weekend I had Friday off, and I went to see (500) Days of Summer for the second time with my friend Amy, who hadn't seen it yet. Afterward, we had outdoor cocktails and giggled like fools over celebrity crushes and gossip. On Saturday night, my friends had a party on the back patio of their new house, where we hung out, sweat, and drank beer. Here are my outfits from those excursions:

On the left is a old (from high school) tee shirt from the Gap, layered over an Urban Outfitters tank. The shorts (a few years old) are from H & M, and the shoes are my favorite oxfords from Modcloth! The bangle was purchased over 10 years ago at the Galesburg Salvation Army.
On the right is a dress from some department store (Bergner's?), thrited Ann Taylor blouse, tie from Lula vintage in St. Paul, MN, and those same damn oxfords from Deborah Jean Vintage.
I did my best to sweat in style!

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