Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks Bubbie!

A few years ago my bubbie (grandma, that is, for you not familiar with Yiddish) decided to clean out some things from her house and on one of my visits upstate she asked if I wanted any of her old costume jewelry. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for costume jewelry. I guess I like real jewels all right, but give me the fake stuff any day! So, of course I said, yes please! Anyway, since my outfits have been boring all week (I have just been rotating tops and wearing that same black American Apparel skirt since Monday or so...) I thought I would share some of the items my bubbie was sweet enough to give me.

For now I'll start with the bracelets. I'm not always so inclined to wear bracelets, but I still love these... I think some of them probably need some polishing, but here they are anyway. Oh! And I gained a new found respect for hand models, as I attempted to take some pictures of myself wearing these bracelets and my hand just ended up looking limp and disembodied. George Constanza really did have a special gift!
I have to say, I think this one above is my favorite. I love the little gold leaves and the light sea greeny color.
This one came with matching clip on earrings, which I don't even attempt to wear!OK, so this is just another pair of clip on's that I sort of love, but I thought I throw them in since they were lying around near the bracelets!

Have you guys had any great vintage finds courtesy of your grandmothers?

- Jenna


  1. Every single one of these pieces are so beautiful! I especially love the emerald one!

    I chuckled when I read this post, because it made me think of a comical conversation I had today. I just found out my grandmother reads my blog daily, which I had no idea she even knew how to get on the internet! Apparently, she called my mom and told her she wished she would not have sold all of her jewelry on ebay (again, had no idea she did all this!) and given it to me, since I like "all of this old stuff." haha! :)

  2. Haha well, I'm lucky my bubbie is not so tech-savvy, so she didn't get a chance to sell her jewelry on ebay! That's really funny about your grandmother and also sweet that she reads your blog! - Jenna

  3. I've received a lot of similar pieces from my grandmother! She had excellent taste. I think that bangle is also my favorite, along with the purple guy below it.
    Now that the rest of my relatives have found out that I collect vintage items they keep posting things in the mail to me. Most of the time they say "oh just sell it" but I have a hard time parting with my family members items!

    I also just got around to editing my link list and included your blog on it. Just wanted to let you know!

  4. That's so nice of your relatives to send you things! I think I pillaged my bubbie's whole collection, so this is probably all I'm going to get, but I'm happy with these pieces! (I actually have more from her, I just started with the bracelets...)

    And thanks for adding our link to your blog! I thought we already had yours up on ours, but just saw it wasn't up there... so it's up now! - Jenna

  5. i am all kinds of jealous of that jade-looking bracelet. i'm not a big bracelet person either, but something like that i would totally wear.

    i have a HUGE collection from my grandmother(s) - one of my grandmas grew up on a farm and would make all of her own dresses based on the styles in Vogue in the 50's... she sent me a bunch of dresses when she was cleaning out her attic, and they all fit me PERFECTLY! i also got an alligator belt, a couple of tiny hats & veils, and a fantastic pair of green kid gloves...

    my other grandma passes along a good piece of 60's costume jewelry every once in awhile.

    you guys are great :-)

  6. These pieces are really nice. I don't really have any jewelry from my grandmother, but I do have some from my mother!

    Oh and I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a contest at my blog and I'm giving away a new watch so please stop by and enter!

  7. these are a great collection! I'm afraid I am the first packrat in a line of non-keepers of "junk" as they call it and therefore have inherited little to no heirlooms like these!
    They're beautiful!

  8. To add to this discussion, my great aunt had a lot of cool costume jewlery that I inherited, but not as nice as this Bubbie jewlery! However, she was also a total fashion plate (trench coats, boots, Jackie O. suits) who happened to be exactly my size but just threw away most of her clothes! It's horrifying, though I did manage to find some old boots of hers. -Maura

  9. Lauren - How great that you've inherited jewelry AND clothes from your grandmothers! I've only managed the jewelry part, my bubbie and my mom both were not my size, so I haven't been that lucky!

    Fashion - Thanks for stopping by and letting us know about the contest! And nice that your mom is a source of good jewelry inheritance!

    Meaghan - Thank you! And I suppose someday you'll just have to be the cool mom or grandma passing along your excellent vintage pieces... right? haha

    Maura - Oh the horror of the thrown away clothes! And I like the term "Bubbie Jewelry." We need to start a line called that. hahah