Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Shopping

I went home for a couple of days to visit my parents. While I was home, I did some real shopping - I revisited my favorite thrift shop from high school, the vintage shop where I got my prom dress, and Marshall's - but I also did some "shopping" in my parent's house and rediscovered some items that were sitting around in my old bedroom, abandoned for years.

First there's this pin, which I think was bought my some relative of mine at the Cincinnati Art Museum, I have no idea when! But I kind of love it.Then I found this belt, which I think I bought at a thrift shop during college, but had totally forgotten about.Last was this vintage cardigan, which I believe a high school friend of mine bought for me on a family vacation. It's funny how you can totally forget the history of clothes you have hanging around in your house (or your parent's house). Anyway, I think in high school it seemed too fancy or lavish to wear, but I think I'll find a use for it now!I'll post more about my actual purchases I made at home, but it was sort of fun to add to my wardrobe for free! Do you guys ever find items you've forgotten about when you head back home?
- Jenna


  1. "home shopping" is my favourite! How is it that new things pop up each time, even though they aren't "restocking their shelves" :)
    Great finds! :D

  2. Haha thanks Meaghan! And thanks for adding our link to your blog! :)