Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday on the Town

This Saturday was Pittsburgh's first nice-weather day in a while, so Robert and I decided to have lunch in the lively Strip District, followed by record and vintage shopping. I wore one of my favorite shirtdresses, this aggressively striped number from Brooklyn Industries, with some comfortable Frye t-strap flats.

The cool mural behind me is painted on the side of a Japanese grocery, I believe. we perused the outdoor markets before settling on cheap Peruvian food at Chicken Latino for lunch. Some sights from along the way:

That's Robert there on the right, stylishly making his way through the fish market. The Strip district markets have everything, from food to jewlery to Steelers paraphenalia. They even had this:
We then made our way over to Eide's, home of awesome records, Cds, DVDs, and helpful weirdos of all stripes. We passed one of my favorite Pittsburgh sites along the way:

We also took home two exciting LPs:

I love the Shirelles, and this Stones record, 1967's Their Satanic Majesties Request, is one of the few of their good albums we didn't yet own. It features "She's a Rainbow," one of their greatest songs. I was very excited to then head over to Crown Antiques, an apparently insane shop housing five poorly organized floors of, to put it bluntly, old crap. Unfortunately, the fact that the man who runs it is a rabbi didn't mean much to us until we arrived to a "closed" sign. As Walter Sobchak would say, Shomer fucking Shabbos. Anyway, we'll go next week.

Instead, we headed over to Shadyside for some vintage shopping. I was extremely disappointed to find that Hey Betty!, which used to be one of my favorite Pittsburgh vintage stores, has downscaled. It's now only one floor and has less merchandise. So sad! I did, however, get lucky at Eons Vintage, which was having a sidewalk sale:

On the right is a nifty little green number from the 1950's, which was $10.

This red sweater on the right buttons up the back and is perfect with a pencil skirt. On sale, it was only $5

All in all, it was a perfect summer day! I finished it off by taking in a screening of the charming (500) Days of Summer with some lady-friends. I plan to post shortly about my enjoyment of the film and its fashion, but this seems like way more than enough for now!

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  1. wow!great find..i like the green tops,lovely :)