Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Oxford Love!

Since Jenna posted about Oxfords, I couldn't resist adding my own post. I've been having a love affair of my own with the oxford lately. While it's true that I've purchased three pairs of oxfords in the last six months, I've also got pairs dating back as far as high school. I've always been a fan of the menwear look (until Avril Lavigne ruined ties for all of us for awhile), and these compliment that pefrectly. Without further ado, I give you my oxford collection:

Clockwise from bottom: vintage brown spectators from Sophie Joe's in St. Paul, MN (bought in 2007?), Saddle shoes with red sole from awesome saddle shoe manufacturer Muffy's Enterprises (purchase this year), classic saddle shoes from (purchased 2006), suede Hush Puppies from my high school years (1998?), Wood Street Shoes from Modcloth (this year), and vintage oxfords from Deborah Jean Vintage on Etsy (this year).

I'd like to take the opportunity here to also profess my love for saddles shoes, which appear to actually be making a small comback. For my money, though, Payless can't be beat for the simplest and cheapest saddle shoe (I think mine were around $15). I get compliments on them everywhere I go. Also check out the aforementioned Muffy's, which has every style of saddle shoe you could ever want, made with loving care.
The brown spectators featured are probably my favorites, however the sole has worn through and I need to get them fixed. I'm wary of the cobbler in my neighborhood because they told me they couldn't fix a broken zipper on a boot. Can they really be trusted with soles, then?

I think I have enough oxfords for now, but this fall I'm coveting a pair of lace-up booties with kind of a new wave flair. These from Urban Outfitters are perfect, though annoyingly expensive:



  1. Quite an impressive collection! This seems similar to my love for slip on tall boots.
    Urban outfitters has a bad habit of being annoyingly expensive.

  2. i'm so jealous of your collection.... i've been perusing thrift stores for a sturdy pair for months now, but apparently no one in cincinnati wants to give theirs up... i might have to crack & buy something new.

    i'm also appreciating the renewed popularity of keds... i used to have to search forever when i needed a new pair, and now i can find them at the friendly neighborhood DSW

  3. It makes me sad and mad all at once how expensive UO prices their stuff! Those boots really are a dream! See if you can maybe find another pair for cheaper elsewhere!
    Great post! What a collection you've got!!!!

  4. I am really loving all of the oxford posts! I too have quite an obsession, so I loved the inspiration shoes in the last post, and your collection in this post! AMAZING collection!

  5. i have these and i absolutely love them! getttt!