Monday, August 31, 2009

Little White Lie

OK, so it wasn't really a lie that I said I was going to wear that cute blouse/skirt/belt combo that I posted last week. How was I to know that it would be strangely cool today and that the thought of facing a room full of undergrads would make me run to my number one comfort item: my black skinny jeans!

So, I survived my first day of teaching and here's what I wore. The blouse is vintage and silk and much more turquoise than it looks in these pictures (I took them tonight when I got home at about 9 and the energy efficient light bulbs in my living room make things kind of yellow-y) and the bag is a new fave - a vintage American Tourister bag that I bought in at the Mall of St. Paul in Minnesota (not to be confused with the Mall of America. It's an awesome antique mall).

I also dropped my camera on the ground while taking these pictures and it was doing a weird thing when I turned it on for a while! It seems to be OK now, though. But just so you know, I suffer for our blog!Does anyone else have an item of clothing that acts as a security blanket a la my jeans?

- Jenna


  1. You look cute, comfy and chic. If you're nervous its always best to wear something you are super comfy in, otherwise its just another distraction and another something you are worrying about!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I agree about wearing something comfortable. It made me feel better yesterday that I didn't have to really think about what I was wearing! - Jenna