Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Distressed Dress

When deciding what to wear to work today, I dug an old dress out of my closet that I haven't worn in probably over a year: This Pepto-Bismol and brown striped dress with appliqued flowers, a little belt, and righteous shoulder pads. The brand is Carole King, one of my favorite vintage brands. Many years ago I bought a perfect little red dress by this same label, though it has since become impossible for me to squeeze into. I've tried to figure out when these Carole King clothes are from (60s? Early 70s?), but a google search always yields far too many nostalgic musings on the album Tapestry.

Anyway, I purchased this dress at an estate sale in my hometown in 2003 for $2, I believe, though I've only worn it on select occasions. One problem is there are quite a few stains on the skirt of the dress. I have attempted to get it cleaned, but have been warned against this since it is crepe and will probably end up looking worse. While small stains wouldn't typically bother me, I felt that showing up to work in a stained dress is a level I'm not ready to sink to. Another problem with this dress that has only presented itself more recently is the sleeves. Apparently, I have gained weight in the arms since 2003 and it now cuts off the circulation. That seems like it will be easy to fix, so I might ask my sewing-literate friend to try and let them out.
I love this dress and it makes me sad to retire it, so I'll fight for its survival, even if it will never make its debut in the office.

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  1. That dress is adorable--I hope you find a way to still make it work!