Monday, August 17, 2009

Black and White All Over

I'm basically melting in the heat today, so here's the only outfit I managed to make work. The tank top is from H&M and the skirt is from American Apparel. I attempted to accessorize - I tried earrings, necklaces, even brooches, but this outfit rejected them! It's just too darn hot for anything but total simplicity! And you can blame Matt for the weird angle of this pic... I suppose I can't blame him since he's nice enough to take pictures of my outfits whenever I ask him to! Though today is pretty low key, my Sunday was really fun - we went out to Westchester to visit some friends and went to the beach and swimming in the Long Island Sound! After being in the ocean a few weeks ago, the Sound was kind of disappointing - no waves and soooo many snails that you stepped on when you were in the water, but it was still really fun! Then we got back to the city just in time for the Mad Men season premier! (Photo from the AMC website)

- Jenna

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