Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Blue

Today I pulled out the vintage button down shirt I bought when I was home in Rochester this weekend. I was excited about it because 1. I love the Peter Pan collar - and this one actually can button closed to create a round collar that goes all the way around and 2. because it was only $3! I also decided to wear the little bird pin that I brought back from my parent's house.

When I bought this shirt, I thought of Maura (it seemed like something you would like!) and now this post makes me think of her post about tomboy style. But maybe it's just the vintage shirt/shorts/sneakers combination that makes me think that!

Here's the detail on the shirt!- Jenna


  1. You're right, I DO like this! Very cute indeed. Hey, did you see that modcloth totally copied my (500) Days of Summer post?! Our blog is ahead of the curve. -Maura

  2. I love the peter pan collar! SO adorable!

    Annnddd-I also saw modcloth did a 500 Days of Summer was much like yours!

  3. Re: the shirt - thank you! And yes, Maura commented on the modcloth blog so they know that she had the 500 Days of Fashion idea first! haha!