Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(500) Days of Fashion

This weekend I went to see (500) Days of Summer, a clever, funny, cute-but-realistic look at modern love. The main reason I wanted to see the film was because I love its two leads: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a major crush of mine ever since the underrated movie Brick, and I idolize Zooey Deschanel's haircut and style (in addition to loving her in David Gordon Green's All The Real Girls). Throughout the film, Gordon-Levitt rocked a series of sweatervests and meaningful Joy Division t-shirts (from Unknown Pleasures at the beginning of a relationship to "Love Will Tear Us Apart" towards the end). Deschanel, on the other hand, kept her style pretty much like it is in real life: slightly prim and seriously '60s. The stills I've been able to find from the film don't really do it justice:

I've set out on the web in search of some Summer-like pieces for the average gal. To get Summer's look try high-waisted trousers (which I couldn't really find this time of year), 1960s-style day dresses, tie-front blouses, swing coats, and long-ish denim skirts. Here are some of my picks:

Of course, if you want to be old-fashioned like Summer, you'll need this pink donut phone from jessjamesjake on Etsy. We can't all look like Zooey, but at least we can dress like her!


  1. Oo I love all the clothes you picked out! I want to see the movie, too... - Jenna

  2. I cannot wait to see this movie this weekend!! I will just swoon over Zooey Deschanel and her style all movie! I love the clothing articles that you picked to go with the theme of the movie; so cute!

  3. i really want to see this film - unfortunately it's not even playing in peoria! :'(

    i love the stills from the movie .. i'm going to bookmark this post for inspiration!

  4. Hi Jenna and Maura,
    Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! We appreciate the support, and are so glad you found fashion inspiration in the film as well!
    <3 Aire

  5. you guys caught (500) days of summer fashion spot on. love, love zooey and adore EVERYTHING about that movie.

    great job!