Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Work Outfit

I recently began my first real, salaried full time job. It's actually pretty great--I like where I work and I get benefits and lunch breaks! One thing that changed for me was the dress code. I've always enjoyed dressing up, but I've realized it's hard when you have almost no pants that aren't jeans! Luckily, I have an addiction to vintage dresses and skirt & sweater ensembles. Because I work in the athletics department of the university, my colleagues are mostly into sports and the clothes that go along with that whole culture. I often get comments that I look nice, but I'm not sure they understand my wardrobe choices. Today, for example, my male coworker joked, "I have that shirt in brown. I wear it on the weekends." The following is what I wore to work today:
Shirt: H & M, Pencil Skirt: Gap, Bag: Bergner's for $60, shoes: $10, Galesburg Antique Mall

The shoes and watch are the only true vintage parts of the outfit, though the shirt from H & M is my favorite (I love a good little necktie) and the Gap pencil skirt is awesome and comfortable. The shoes were a true find in my hometown of Galesburg, IL, and the watch was my grandmother's. It doesn't work anymore, but I plan to get it fixed. I like going to work with a bit of retro flair, even if my office isn't like the one on Mad Men.


  1. Your outfit is adorable and so are you, i really like those heels and top you've got :)

  2. you look very cute!! Love those shoes!