Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warehouse Sale

So, I have to preface this post by saying that usually, I don't really care about labels. I'm not somehow who buys designer clothes or even really follows what designers are up to. But, when I have the opportunity to buy clothes with a label I recognize (even if I only recognize some of the names from the designers' appearances on Project Runway) for say... $1 an item? I'm there.

Last weekend I ventured out to the Housing Works Warehouse Sale. Housing Works is an organization that works to fight AIDS and homelessness and they have a bunch of thrift shops around the city, which are known for having some high end stuff. Through some web perusing I discovered that their main warehouse is just a few blocks from where I live and that a few times a month they open their doors and have a warehouse sale, where you pay $20 for as much as you can fit in a paper bag they provide. By warehouse sale, they really mean warehouse - the building is on an industrial looking street and takes place in this big storage sort of room filled with bins of clothes. As soon as the doors open, people start literally grabbing clothes out of the bins, piling them on the floor, and shoving them in bags.

Luckily, I enjoy the hunt of thrifting/digging through piles of clothes, so I spent a good hour or so sorting through some gross things (used underwear!) and some designer things (Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, etc.) and everything in between. Overall, it was a really fun experience, though not for the faint of heart. People are serious about their bargain clothes at this sale. I found it to be totally worth it, though, as I got a bag full of stuff for $20, which basically evened out to me paying $1 a piece!

Some of my purchases:

This brown pencil skirt from Henri Bendel's was probably my favorite find. It fits beautifully and is made of this lovely soft wool.

Catherine Malandrino sweater vest and Nanette Lepore blouse.

Banana Republic and Uniqlo wool sweaters

"I can't decide if it's ugly or not" sweater and lacy tank top

I also got a couple of things for my boyfriend Matt. The first is this plaid shirt, which just seemed so delightfully 90210, I had to add it to the bag. I also thought of it when I saw this Vintage Found post - I think with the return of the plaid shirt, the 90's are back for guys too!
The last item I'll post (because there were many more things stuffed in my bag - another sweater or two, a few tank tops, a pair of jeans...) is this sweater vest I grabbed for Matt. It's a nice deep red and vintage, from the Bloomingdale's Men's Store.

So, though it took a lot of energy, a lot of sweat, and the balls to push past people/piles of clothes to grab what I wanted, the Housing Works Warehouse Sale was totally worth it! - Jenna

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  1. I LOVE the "I can't decide if it's ugly or not" sweater! Love it!