Monday, July 20, 2009

They Call Him Mellow Yellow, Quite Rightly

So I have been listening to a lot of Donovan lately. Despite his hippy dippy reputation (and his tendency to overuse that most vexing of '60s trends, rock 'n roll flute), Donovan was a precocious mod who evolved from a Dylan-like folkie to a swingin' party anthem purveyor. My favorite track of his has got to be "Season of the Witch," with its Zombies-like beat, cool-as-a-cucumber verses and blaring chorus. Love it, love it, love it.
I'm trying out this new site,, that lets you embed tracks in blogger. So let's see if it works...
Donovan - Season of the Witch

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For more on my love of Donovan, check out this review I wrote of his box set years ago, when I wrote for PopMatters:


  1. I've actually had this feeling for awhile now that the rock'n roll flute is due for a major comeback.

  2. As far as '60s psychadelic trends go, I'm hoping for more organ, less flute.