Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sunday in Pictures

I took a bunch of pictures documenting my Sunday, which wasn't particularly eventful, but was still nice and relaxing.Matt and I were a little lazy about getting out of bed this morning, though Matt did jump up to get a pad and marker to draw me a picture of what the skateboard he had as a kid looked like.
Then I got dressed. Same skirt as I wore Friday, but different top and different belt.

We crossed Queens Boulevard and had brunch at Quaint.On the way home we stopped by a thrift shop that sells books outside. These are the books we bought.

I did some laundry.

Fame was on TV!
Matt and I had a little sing along.Then we got distracted by Youtube and looking up 90's singers/music videos.Tonight it turned stormy. Here's the view from my office window - that's a car driving by.

And there's (most of) my Sunday!

- Jenna


  1. Sounds lovely and relaxing - Sunday brunch is the best!!

  2. Yes! I love brunch! If only we could have it every day of the week...

  3. hehe it sounds like a very nice day!! I love the skateboarding drawings!!

  4. Haha thanks! I told Matt and he was very pleased that you liked his drawings!