Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Movie Version

Today I trekked out to Jackson Heights once again to have lunch with my friend Beth. This time we did get Indian food - actually a lunch buffet that was delicious! Plus it gave me an excuse to wear my owl skirt, which I got at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market and which, as I wrote about here, I had to bring to the tailor to have a new zipper put in. I love it, weird little shorts lining and all!I also finished The Handmaid's Tale, which I bought at a thrift shop in my neighborhood last week. I had read it before, but what a great book! I finished it last night a while before I went to bed, but I seriously had to tell myself not to think about it before I went to sleep because it's so powerful and haunting and... well, frightening! But great. I also was looking stuff up about it online and came across the fact that there was a movie made of it in 1990 starring Natasha Richardson. And, with the magic of Youtube, I was able to watch the whole movie online! Oy. Not good. So many changes were made from the book, which I suppose is necessary, but it's just so hard to take a book that is entirely made up of a character's internal thoughts and make it into a movie! You wind up having to make changes to the plot that make the main character more active, but that end up diminishing the creepy, totalitarian feel of the book. Here's the poster, even that is cheesy looking!But then it made me think about movie adaptations of books in general... they usually are pretty disappointing. I read all the Harry Potter books, but have mostly avoided the movies (though recently I have started renting them) because, though it is fun to see all the things you've been imagining in your head while reading, it does in some way ruin your own vision of the book to see another person's interpretation. And it's always sort of heartbreaking when big changes are made to the plot!

I can think of a few really good adaptations from books - Sideways is a much better movie than book (I listened to the book on tape one time) and About a Boy is a great movie, even if it does deviate from the novel.

Anyway, there's my thoughts on the movie version of things. Oh, and I swear I do read books about things other than dystopian societies! I guess I just haven't recently...

- Jenna


  1. I've had Indian buffet about 4 times in the past two weeks. I've been craving it like mad crazy. Also! My sister just gave me The Handmaid's Tale to read. I was wary because it looked like a period piece but my sister promised lots of sex.


  2. haha yes! There is lots of sex in the book, though much of it is super creepy. But you should read it! It's totally frightening and strange, but pretty awesome. And Indian buffets are delish. - Jenna