Monday, July 13, 2009

The Motorcycle Boy Reigns!

Like many others across the world, I fell in love this past Oscar season. I fell in love with a man who has made many mistakes, some involving his career and others involving his face. That man, ladies and gents, is Mickey Rourke:

(Mickey as "the motorcycle boy" in Rumble Fish & now with his dog)

I guess it all began with his insane and hilarious acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards. But then I dug further into Mickey's oeuvre (and press), finding him to be not only a once-gorgeous and still exceptional actor, but an endearingly eccentric pathological liar who is obsessed with chihuahuas. Part of Mickey's charm was his touching reaction to his beloved dog Loki's death, an event that inspired me to write a song. My obsession grew to the point that my friend Amy and I took to commandeering the ladies' room chalk board at The Cage, our local watering hole, filling it with testaments of our Rourke-love. I'm lucky, however, because one day my crafty friend Alicia made me a Mickey t-shirt of my very own! Artistic gal that she is, she made her own stencils of Mickey and Loki (complete with halo) and painted them onto an H & M t-shirt with fabric paint. What a friend! Now I can discreetly keep Mickey close to my heart:

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