Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Outfit

Today I had another lunch date! I'm really turning into a lady who lunches. I headed back to Fort Greene, Brooklyn to have burgers with my friend Nadia. I got a hamburger topped with goat cheese and pickled onions. We split an order of curly fries. Yumm.

Here's what I wore, though I actually ended up untucking the shirt and taking out the belt. It was one of those days where I tried on a million things and nothing quite suited me! But I went with this outfit because this mini skirt (it's denim and from Old Navy a few years ago) is one of my summer go-to items and I also love this tank top, which I got at a thrift shop in my neighborhood a few weeks ago.You can also get a glimpse at my messy office here... Here's another shot of me, sitting this time! I actually love the chair I'm on - it's Matt's desk chair and vintage, he got it (for $25!) at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, actually when Maura was visiting in March. So it's extra special that way!I'm also quite excited now because Matt's friend Marc invited us to drive down to the Jersey Shore with him tonight and stay at his grandmother's beach house for the weekend! Matt was down there a few weeks ago and said the house is lovely and right on the beach! I'm very excited and will be sure to take some pictures to post here! Have a great weekend!

- Jenna

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