Monday, July 13, 2009

First Post

I was going to start off our blog with a post about my awesome style, but that would require me actually showering and getting dressed. Yes, it's noon on a Monday and I am still in my pajamas, but such is the life of the (temporarily) unemployed.

So, instead I'm putting up some pictures of our homemade Breakfast of Champions artwork that hangs over the table/pseudo mantel in my living room.

Matt had an old copy of the book that was totally falling apart, and so we took some of the pages that had pictures on them, bought six cheapo picture frames and created artwork for our living room.

I'm not usually an advocate of destroying books, but I really love the way these pictures are unique and literary and work as art.

Here's our entire "mantel" area

So, with a little creativity and some (slight) literary destruction, you too can display your love for books in a whole new way!

- Jenna

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