Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Details

Matt's parents were nice enough to frame this poster that Matt got when a play he wrote a song for was in the Humana Festival in Louisville this year. Here's the poster hanging nicely framed above our TV:
Having a new poster on our wall made me think about the various details we have in our apartment. I like incorporating some vintage elements in with our hand-me-down furniture and Ikea finds.

I got this typewriter at a rummage sale up in the Adirondacks. It was supposed to be like $20 but my godmother bargained it down to 5 bucks! I love that it brings some color into our living room and it makes me want to start collecting typewriters.... but I suppose they won't all be $5, so I'll hold off for now.I also like including some old books on the bookshelves in our living room. Along with the books that I actually read, they make for cool little additions to the shelves.
Matt bought this little Mozart figurine when he was ten and obsessed with the movie Amadeus. I like it next to this book about Robert Moses that his dad bought us at the library book sale last week.

We found this mirror in the alley next to our apartment. It looks kind of heavy and detailed, but I think it's just spray painted and made of... wood or plastic? A great (free!) find!
I guess this Beck poster is not technically vintage (it's only from 1997), but it's from a concert that Matt went to in Philadelphia and we were both obsessed with Beck in high school (I saw him in 1998, but unfortunately do not have an awesome poster from the show). Matt's sister apparently saw this poster in the window of a record store and asked them to give it to her. Now it hangs in our bedroom!

This poster is also hanging in our bedroom - Matt found it in the basement of his old apartment building. It's actually the front of the box for this toy, "The Visible Woman." Coincidentally our friend Marc is related to the guy who designed the toy.

We have a few of these album frames around the apartment, but this one is my favorite. "How to Succeed" is one of my fave musicals and I love having it over my desk - it evokes all that Mad Men 60's office stylishness and I think is just a really cool album cover.
I bought these postcards at the Galesburg Antique Mall when I took a trip with Maura to her hometown! Now they hang in our (purple) kitchen.OK, the last detail I'll put up - this light switch that's in our front hall. It was here when we moved in and it's such a small detail, but I think adds to the old charm of our apartment.

And there you have it! A few (perhaps too many) of the details that I love in my apartment.

- Jenna

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